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Wi$e is a hip-hop artist who has shaken up North Carolina with his bold entrance into the music scene, releasing six projects in his inaugural year.

“Wi$e is a promising, prolific rapper from North Carolina” hotnewhiphop.com

His most anticipated project, Cognac Woodgrain, was released February 17, 2018.

The project was released along with a short film at his album release and listening party in Charlotte, NC. The event was cosponsored by Wi$e and Loyd Visuals.

With the release of Cognac Woodgrain, Wi$e promises a personal project that will allow his fans an exclusive behind the scenes recap of the first 15 months of his music career.

Due to his tactical yet bold wordplay, combined with his smooth unique sound, Wi$e effortlessly finesses each track creating a vibe that is incomparable.

Wi$e is ferociously and strategically pursuing his goal of becoming the best rapper to ever live, as proven by the successful release of six early-career projects:

The Interlude


More Sauce Please

Good Things Await You

Gate City Blvd


Situated between each word of every project is the perfect blend of fearlessness, sacrifice, struggle and success – the very themes that illustrate Wi$e’s life.

Raised in Greensboro, NC, Wi$e witnessed the tension created in a town with a wide economic divide where the rich and the poor lived amongst each other. He knew which end of the spectrum he wanted to be in.

During his early years, Wi$e was successful both academically and athletically. He attended Dudley Academy and The Early College at Guilford. Born into a family who expected success from him, Wi$e graduated from high school with honors and went on to attend North Carolina State University.

Throughout college, Wi$e faced a constant battle between fulfilling his parent’s desire for him to become successful the traditional way and his own desire to drop out of college to find success outside of the bounds of a classroom. He decided to finish school, graduating from NC State in 2013 and becoming a nationally-ranked sales executive. Even after success in corporate America, he desired something more. He took an early retirement from his sales career and began to travel the world.

During his travels, he experienced a period of soul-searching.

“I was searching for a feeling,” Wi$e said. “I wanted to find something to invest my life into that made me want to stay up late and wake up early to do.”

And that feeling was discovered after he recorded his first mixtape. He describes his first mixtape as his way to prove to the world that he could rap. His most recent projects had a different agenda that was two-fold: to give the world good music that they could vibe to and to push the hip-hop culture forward.


“[Good Things Await You] makes for some surprising and effective flows, and never settles into a style that’s too familiar.” – hotnewhiphop.com

Through his music you will understand that what separates Wi$e from most hip-hop artists is his perspective. He doesn’t do music as a way out, but instead as a passion-driven choice. He sacrificed the success he already had for the success he truly desires.

Get to know Wi$e and vibe to his music at blckrose.com.